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Established in the year 2002, Flexibond has been India’s leading ACP manufacturing brand. Keeping innovation at the heart of the company, we have been able to succeed in becoming an organisation that proudly stands on the pillars of hard-earned goodwill. With our avant-garde product line, expert professionals, and transparent values, we have been able to provide quality products that are used for interior & exterior applications like building façade, signage applications, residential as well as commercial furniture, etc.

PVC Laminates : the future of interior design
By : Flexibond Pvt. Ltd.
October 17, 2022

PVC Laminates : the future of interior design

Everyone wants a durable building in the first place but what adds appeal to any constructive structure is the interior design of the place. In today’s era, it is almost impossible to discuss decor in the interior section of any building without the mention of PVC laminates. PVC laminates are basically surfacing materials which add an elegant finish to whatever they are placed on, be it kitchen cabinets, bedroom furniture, living room finishings, or even workplace furniture.

What is a PVC Laminate?

A PVC Laminate is a sheeting material that comes in a flat form which attains this structure through the method of compression of a synthetic plastic polymer that is industrially known as Poly Vinyl Chloride. The method through which these sheets are produced is that thin yet multiple layers of resins and flat paper undergo high pressure and temperature. Such laminates go well with various kinds of materials beneath them such as natural wood, MDF, Plywood, particle board, and a lot more. All one needs to do for the same is use a strong adhesive along with an uncomplicated pressing method.

    Advantages of PVC Laminates
  • If we start talking about the advantages of PVC Laminates, the list is endless but we are going to share some of them with you in a brief fashion.

  • These laminates are flexible up to 90 degrees which are commendable for a surface coating material. Due to this flexibility, a single sheet can cover up most of the furniture piece which gives an even finish to it. It also saves the trouble of pointy edges.
  • The resistance power of these laminates expands to a corrosion resistant, termite resistant, borer resistant, stain resistant, scratch resistant, water resistant, bacterial resistant, abrasion resistant, and moisture resistant
  • PVC laminates are non-toxic in nature as they are toxin, lead, and harmful emission-free. Thus these laminates are safe as they don’t threaten the health of an individual in any manner.
  • These laminates are extremely long-lasting because of the high degree of durability they offer.

If you’re looking to purchase PVC laminates, then look no further! Flexibond has been a leader in the industry of laminates due to the high-quality goods it provides. Having spent two decades in the industry since the company’s inception in 2002, Flexibond has earned itself a reputation for the best quality of goods provided to its clients.