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Established in the year 2002, Flexibond has been India’s leading ACP manufacturing brand. Keeping innovation at the heart of the company, we have been able to succeed in becoming an organisation that proudly stands on the pillars of hard-earned goodwill. With our avant-garde product line, expert professionals, and transparent values, we have been able to provide quality products that are used for interior & exterior applications like building façade, signage applications, residential as well as commercial furniture, etc.

Advantages of acp sheet for cladding purposes
By : Flexibond Pvt. Ltd.
June 16, 2022

Advantages of acp sheet for cladding purposes

Aluminium Composite Panels are known as ACP sheets in an abbreviated fashion. ACP sheets have been gaining immense popularity these days among architects and interior designers because of the fact that they are extremely easy to work with. Due to this very reason, ACP sheets are gradually becoming the go-to product in the construction arena. Apart from the material aspect of it, these sheets also have a great aesthetic value which adds to the decor of any place.

Because of these reasons, ACP sheets have widespread popularity in the sector of facade elevation. Apart from this, there are the below-mentioned advantages of using these sheets

Easy to work with :

ACP sheets have a lot of flexibility to offer hence they can easily be bent, folded, or turned as per the need of the architect

Absolute flatness :

These sheets are known to show the least amount of undulation rate. This ensures that the installation of these panels is absolutely smooth and effortless. When you place ACP sheets on surfaces, such surfaces have a modern and linear finish to them.

Negligible crack risk :

ACP sheets are highly durable which is why seldom cracks are found on the surfaces they are used for. The elongation properties of these sheets are extremely impressive which makes these sheets last much longer than other regular cladding materials.

    Lightweight :
  • We currently live in the era of skyscrapers hence transportation of cladding materials can be an imposed inconvenience if they are heavy in weight. This is where ACP sheets come into the picture.
  • They are so light in weight making them the perfect choice for high-rise buildings. An added advantage of these sheets being low in terms of weight is that it doesn’t add extra pressure on the structure of buildings.

Flexibond has been a leading company when it comes to providing aluminium composite panel. Having been in the industry since 2002, we have been providing quality products that last generations.